We are frugal and disruptive innovation based company aiming to develop and commercialize the product that can create the better impact to the society and people. Prestigious, award-winning innovation. JaipurBelt, is a flagship product of the company.

Meet the team

Ganesh Ram Jangir

Inventor  JaipurBelt, Co-Founder

Newndra Innovations Private Limited, Mr. Ganesh is B. Tech., serial inventor and social techno-entrepreneur. He has done several social innovations like the JaipurBelt™ and AngleBOT  have filed 6 IPR in India and abroad. He was awarded KVPY Fellowship and MSP

Dr. Anil Jain
Chief Medical Advisor-JaipurBelt
Honorary Consultant & Head of Department.
Dr. P.K.Sethi Rehab. Centre,

Santokba Durlabhji Hospital, Worked with Dr. P.K. Sethi (Inventor of Jaipur Foot), for nearly 12 years. During this period he remained involved with research projects responsorial by department of science and technology.


Dr. Aalok is Professor and Head of the Physics Department at JECRC University, Jaipur. He has 18 years experience in research, teaching, and mentoring. He has been the Coordinator for the first Microsoft Innovation Academy at JECRC, where he groomed many innovative students and got 9 patents filed for their innovations.

Mr. Paul Scott, Co-Founder and CEO of MedSpark llc

Mr.. Scott has provided product development and engineering expertise to a diverse array of industries for nearly 20 years with the majority of his time being spent on medical device projects.

Mr. Rich Anderson – President and Co-Founder of MedSpark llc

Mr. Anderson has a broad background in medical device company operations coupled with ISO and FDA regulatory experience. He has successfully navigated FDA and ISO audits and has played a pivotal role in submitting medical devices for 510(k) approval as well as maintaining ISO 13485 quality management systems for medical devices.